Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Pixie For Lipsy

I love Pixie Lott but when I saw her new AW collection I fell in love! I'm a student, so I can't really afford   many of these pieces but she has done really well! 
My Favourite item has to be the Double Ruffle Playsuit! As soon as I saw it I fell in love! I'm saving up for this as I write! If anyone watched The Xtra Factor on Saturday, you would of seen the lovely & beautiful Michelle Keegan in it! 

Another one of my favourites is the gorgeous Beaded Tier Dress in Summer Jade, this piece was in Pixie's SS Collection & is now in the sale! The colour is so vibrant & it would look great for all of the xmas parties coming up! With £15 off the original price (was £75 down to £50) You really can't go wrong! 

I think Pixie was born to be a fashion designer, all of her pieces are amazing. I'd love to see her bring out a jewellery range as she has such a unique style.


Also Pixie Lott's new album 'Young Foolish Happy' is out on the 7th November! If it's anything like the last album then it will be amazing!! 

Pixie is such an inspiration & i'm looking forward to finally getting some of her pieces to wear this christmas! 

Kim Xo


  1. Hey, got your blog from More! Beauty Hot 100. :) I can't see any of your photos tho, it's just little red crosses? Maybe it's just my computer but just in case it's not I thought I'd let you know!

    ~ Lauren <3

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