Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Saturdays Fashionsta Magnetism Nail Lacquer

So on Monday I brought two of The Saturdays Fashionsta Magnetism Nail Lacquer, I brought Mollie's (Purple Me Up) & Rochelle's (All Fired Up Red). I've tried them both over the last few days, but thought i'd show you all the All Fired Up Red on my nails with a different colour on my ring finger.

Firstly I shaped my nails & then used a basecoat to stop the nail varnish staining my nails.

Then I painted one coat of All Fired Up Red onto every finger (except from my ring finger)

Then after they have dried, you have to paint another coat then while it's drying you hold the magnet over your finger for about 8 seconds to get a wave effect on the nail varnish (make sure the magnet doesn't touch the nail)

Once I had repeated it on all fingers, I painted black onto my ring finger

After it had dried, I added a glitter over the top to add a bit of extra sparkle!!

To end it, I used a top coat to make the polish last longer! 

Ta-Da :-) 

I love the nail varnish, it's really easy to use and it can be done without help from anyone else! 

Each nail varnish is £6 & you have to buy the magnet's separately which cost £3, there's only 1 type of magnet out, but they are going to expand by having different patterns! You can buy it all from Superdrug.

I'm going to go out tomorrow & buy the other three! They have a 3 for 2 offer on at the moment, so is a great time to save some money!!


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  1. I've been dying to know what these are like! I might just have to give them a go now :) xoxo